We'll begin our adventure with a friendly meetup at a public place, followed by a short trip to a nearby marina to collect live bait. From there, we'll set course for the day's choice fishing location, picked for its recent successes.

If the fishing is slow, don't worry. I'm always prepared to scout new locations to ensure our trip is fruitful. Remember, the joy of fishing is as much about the journey as the catch!

Our lesson will commence with a casual chat. I'll share my three-pronged approach to fishing—survival, scientific, and tactical—ensuring you're equipped with the best knowledge for success. We'll also review fishing rules and regulations and have a heart-to-heart Q&A session. This is your time, and I want to make it as valuable and personal as possible.

Don't forget about licensing! If you're under 16, no worries—you're covered. But if you're over 16 and planning on surf, back bay, or boat fishing, you'll need a license from the Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW). These can be easily purchased online or at sporting goods stores. But don't let this deter you—even without a license, there are ways to experience the joy of fishing. I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

Surf Advancements | 4 hours - $250
Halibut caught at surf basics lessonHalibut caught at surf basics lesson
Surf Fishing Basics | 4 hours - $250
Halibut caught at back bay advanced lessonHalibut caught at back bay advanced lesson
Back Bay Advancements | 4 hours - $250
Back Bay Basics | 4 hours - $250

Ideal for beginners and novices. Learn the fundamentals of freshwater and saltwater fishing, bait gathering, and techniques for fishing from various locations.

Complete your foundational knowledge by learning to fish from the beach. Learn about artificial baits, lures, new rigs, and different knots.

Expand on your surf fishing skills. Learn new techniques and methods, including my unique Reynolds' Rig.

Build upon the knowledge from the first lesson. Learn more about rigs, knots, and bait gathering at a different fishing location.

Essential Lessons

Halibut caught on boat lessonHalibut caught on boat lesson
Customized / Species Specific | 4 hours - $250
Lobster Lovers Lesson | 7-8 hours - $600
Bear / Brownie Goes Fishing | 3 hours - $250
Boat Lessons | 5-6 hours - $400

We will go out on your boat and embark on a comprehensive fishing journey. This lesson consists of Near-Shore and/or In-Shore experiences, offering you an expansive look at both types of fishing. We'll explore a variety of fruitful fishing spots from past seasons and target multiple species. You'll learn both basic and advanced techniques, including deep-sea fishing and trolling. Launch, fuel, bait, etc purchased by client. Fishing license required for all over 16 (I do NOT operate a commercial boat).

Join me for a Lobster Fishing Lesson on your own boat. We'll explore the ins and outs of hoop netting, with lessons tailored to Lobster Season's (Oct.-March) nighttime hunting. You'll learn when, where, and how to catch lobsters effectively. Please note, participants over 16 need a fishing license, and all require Lobster Report Cards. Available in the Long Beach Harbor (I do NOT operate a commercial boat).

Choose our Customized Fishing Lesson, an ideal choice for both novice and advanced anglers looking to hone their skills. This tailored experience can focus on catching a specific type of fish or building upon existing knowledge. It's perfect for professional anglers too, providing an opportunity to review and reinforce previous lessons. Be it land-based or on your boat, we adapt to suit your fishing ambitions. This personalized offering is available year-round, with a fishing license required.

Join our 3-Hour Group Lesson, perfect for Cub Scout Dens, Webelo Dens, Girl Scout Brownie Groups, or children's birthday parties. We provide bait, tackle, and free rental fishing equipment - though you're welcome to bring your own. If your group exceeds 8 participants, we'll conveniently split into two sessions: a morning and an afternoon slot. $50 / participant and minimum $250 (5 people)

Additional Lessons