What can I expect to gain from these fishing lessons?

After taking just three lessons, you can expect to have absorbed a decade's worth of fishing knowledge. After five lessons, you may even reach pro status. These lessons are suitable for beginners and experienced anglers looking to learn new methods and techniques, including knots, fishing locations, and rigs. We also have a special rig, the Reynolds' Rig, taught in Surf Advancements lesson.

What types of lessons are available?

We offer a wide range of lessons including Back Bay Basics for beginners, Surf Fishing lessons, Boat Lessons focusing on near-shore and in-shore species, Lobster Lovers Lessons, and customized fishing lessons. We also have special lessons for Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts, as well as group lessons for birthdays and parties.

What does each lesson cover?

Each lesson covers different aspects of fishing. For example, Back Bay Basics teaches freshwater and saltwater basics of fishing from various locations like Land, Pier, Boat, or Rock Jetty with Live Bait Gathering. Our Surf Fishing Lessons teach you about different surf zones and the types of fish found in each. In our Boat Lessons, you'll learn to fish for near-shore and in-shore species and discover new fishing spots.

Are fishing licenses required?

Yes, fishing licenses are required for anyone aged 16 years and above for certain lessons. Fishing from piers or other man made structures in California do NOT require a fishing license.

What are the rates for your lessons?

Our lessons range in price from $250 for a one-on-one, 4-hour lesson to $600 for a 7-8 hour Lobster & Crab Hoop Netting Guided Lesson. We also offer discounted rates for special lesson packages. An additional rate of usually $50 per person to have others join you!

What is included in the lesson fees?

Our lesson fees include rental fishing equipment, bait, and tackle. We also provide a free small starter tackle kit. In some of our lessons, you will also receive a brand new fishing rod and reel.

How do I book a lesson?

To schedule a lesson, please contact us at 310-735-2689. Texting is okay. Please send your name and email for availability/open schedule.

What payment options are available?

We accept cash, checks, Zelle transfers, Venmo, Cash App, and online credit with PayPal. For more info, you can call or text us.

Are gift certificates available?

Yes, gift certificates are available and make for a wonderful present for fishing enthusiasts.

Can my organization reimburse me for these services?

Many businesses, institutions, and organizations reimburse individuals for services like ours due to their educational, mental health/stimulation, exercise/outdoor activities benefits. We recommend checking with your organization prior to booking.