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Long Beach California Fishing Lessons



By Michael Reynolds


Acquire 10 Years of Knowledge in Three Lessons!  Potentially become a Pro after Five Lessons



Long Beach California Fishing Lessons


Michael "Corbina King" Reynolds

Department of Fish and Wildlife 
Licensed Guide, and Bonded,
Guide ID# 1000384

Michael, first got the idea, to offer lessons, when he volunteered to take his son's Cub Scout Den out to earn their Fishing Belt Loop. Each Cub brought a parent, and the Den Leader also came. The boys had so much fun and the lessons were a success.

Michael has over 40 years of experience in fishing. Licensed, and bonded, with the Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW). He has been guiding and teaching fishing  for over 5 years. Whether it is helping a first timer getting the basics down, or an experienced angler learning new ways and improving their skills, he loves to share and pass on his knowledge of fishing. His reward, and satisfaction, are when he sees you become successful at catching and landing a fish. Whether it be on the pier, jetty, back bay, boat, or off the beach, spending some time with Michael will create memories that will last a lifetime. 


Michael is  very patient, and is *kid safe, and has two sons of his own. He used to be highly involved in Cub Scouts as a Webelos Den Leader as well. 

*Kids must be at least 5 years old and you as the parent are responsible for your kid(s) at all times.                               

By; Christian Garin    aka  C-Gar

This Website was Built by him, and is Dedicated to him.  

Thank you C-Gar for being a True Fishing Buddie !



"Buy a Man a Fish and he will eat for a day, but Teach a Man to Fish, and he will eat for the rest of his Life" -Chinese Proverb

Mission Statement

To offer a rewarding experience in the ancient art of fishing in its most modern and enjoyable forms. Clients will engage in many enlightening activities that can be shared with friends and family while they learn one of mankind's classic methods of survival. The main goal is to increase the percentage of anglers who catch 90% of the fish to well beyond the current 10%. To this end, a single guided lesson is designed to impart the skills a client would otherwise need years to acquire

Guided Lessons:

Acquire 10 Years of Knowledge in Three Lessons! 

Potentially become a Pro after Five Lessons! Also, Potentially, become a Pro after Five Lessons



Great for beginners, or a Parent with kid(s) begging to take them fishing.  Also, Great for those who do have some experience, and want to learn new methods, techniques, knots, fishing locations, and rigs.  The Reynolds' Rig- my invention, is taught in Lesson #3 – Surf Fishing Basics. The various Lessons will sharpen, and build upon existing skills one already possesses; therefore, making one more successful in their future fishing adventures. 

Lesson #0-   On Set Consultation for Productions- Covers help with Location suggestions, Script / Jargon, Procedures, Processes, and other situational predicaments while creating video content. Inquire within– (Year - Round) 

Lesson #1-   Back Bay Basics - Perfect for Beginners, and the Novice, to build a solid foundation. 

(Covers both Freshwater, and Saltwater, Basics of Fishing from Land, Pier, Boat, or a Rock Jetty with Live Bait Gathering. Various factors will determine the fishing location. – Year - Round


Lesson #2-   Back Bay Advancements - Continues to Build upon the knowledge learned from the first lesson.  (Covers More Rigs, Knots, usually a second different fishing location, and with different kinds of Live Bait Gathering – Tide permitting, -- Year - Round)  


Lesson #3-   Surf Fishing Basics  - (Fishing From off the Beach) - Build the Top of the Pyramid, and after taking the first Three Lessons, 10 years of knowledge will have been shared. (Covers, artificial baits and lures, new rigs, different knots, and is done from off the sand at the beach.  Fishing Licenses Required for anyone 16 years or older – Year - Round)


Lesson #4-   Surf Fishing Advancements - (Fishing From off the Beach) - Continues to Build upon the knowledge learned from the third lesson.  (Covers, artificial baits and lures, new rigs, different knots, and is done from off the sand at the beach.  Fishing Licenses Required for anyone 16 years or older. Seasonal June – October)


Lesson #5-   Boat Lesson #1 - Boating & Near-Shore Fishing Lesson - I will guide you on YOUR

boat, and we will seek after many of the Near-Shore species of fish to be caught. (Covers most of the Lesson #1 Plan and is great to learn of new fishing spots which have produced Big Fish in past years.  Fishing Licenses Required for anyone 16 years or older.  Done inside of the Long Beach Harbor – Year - Round)


Lesson #6-   Boat Lesson #2 - Boating & In-Shore Fishing Lesson -    I will guide you on YOUR boat, and we will seek after many of the In-Shore species of fish to be caught. (Covers Deep Sea Fishing, and Trolling Techniques. Fishing Licenses Required for anyone 16 years or older.  Done outside of the Long Beach Harbor in open water. – Year - Round) 


Lesson #7-   Lobster Lovers Lesson - I will go with you on YOUR boat and teach when, where, and how to catch Lobster. Only available on Saturday or Sunday nights during Lobster Season.  (Covers everything from A - Z regarding Hoop Netting. Fishing Licenses Required for anyone 16 years or older, and Lobster Report Cards Required for All.  Done inside of the Long Beach Harbor – Seasonal Oct. - March)


Lesson #8- A Customized Fishing Lesson - Perfect for Novice, or advanced Anglers, to build upon their existing knowledge. Other Professional Anglers welcome- (Covers whatever the Client is in need of or wants to learn.  This could also be a Review of previous lesson knowledge taught. … A Customized Lesson Plan- if you will -- Year - Round)


Lesson #9-   "A BEAR GOES FISHING" - Cub Scout Program Lesson, a Three-Hour Lesson will cover the material needed in order to earn the Fishing Belt Loop. (Covers the book requirements to earn the fishing belt loop, the only thing that will be left to do the next Den Meeting to draw a picture of a Fish. Usually hosted at Mother's Beach in Long Beach -- Year - Round)

Lesson #10-   "A BROWNIE GOES FISHING" - Girl Scout Program Lesson, a Three-Hour Lesson (Covers the book requirements to earn the reward and will be hosted at Mother's Beach in Long Beach -- Year - Round)


Lesson #11 - Bait Gathering Only Lesson - Learn to catch live smelt, ghost shrimp, sand crabs, and other various kinds of live baits- A True Survival Course! 

(Covers everything to know about bait selection, and where / how to obtain it. Fishing License Required -2 hrs. Year – Round)

Lesson #12 - Specific Species Lesson - Focus majority on trying to catch ONE specific kind of fish.... a type of Customized Lesson (Covers most of the #1, and #2 Lesson Plans, Live Bait Gathering, and information to build upon existing knowledge.   Fishing License Required and can be either Land-Based or on your Boat. -- Year - Round) 

Lesson #13 - Freshwater Lesson Only - (Covers Freshwater Basics at a Local Lake.  Fishing License Required, Lake / Park Entrance Fee also. Seasonal for some Species of Fish...inquire for more info. At least Lesson #1 is recommended to take before -- Year - Round)

Birthday Parties / Other Kinds & Types of Group Lessons are Available -- Year - Round

Gift Certificates Available​


  • Basic On-Shore / In-Shore Saltwater Fishing Skills.

  • Learn how to catch and use various types of Live Bait.

  • Learn how to tie effective knots.

  • Learn general fish anatomy.

  • How to read a location, and find fish.

  • Learn how to Cast using different sizes, and types, of equipment.

  • Surf Fishing Lessons - Learn the surf zones, and which types of fish are commonly found in the different zones.

  • How to use Artificial Baits and Lures.

  • Location Specifics: Rock Jetty, Piers, Beaches, Lakes,  and Back Bays.

  • How to clean, and care for equipment.

  • The 3 ways to prepare fish for consumption if we catch a fish that can be kept.

  • 3 approaches taught towards fishing -  #1 The Survival Approach  &  #2 The Scientific Approach & #3 Tactical Approaches

  • Potentially become a PRO after 5 Lessons !



First, we meet, and greet, at a public place. We then go to a nearby Marina, and gather some live bait. Then we venture off to a location where we will fish at (A location we recently have had the most success at, which in turn, will increase our chances to catch a fish).

Scouting for bait, and for a new fishing location is sometimes done if the first fishing location is closed, overcrowded, and/or if there are no signs of life, no fish activity, or no bites.  It will then pack up, move, and relocate.  This is a rare occurrence, but it does sometimes happen.

Lessons start with a discussion of various topics including; The three approaches I take towards Fishing 1)- A Survival Approach 2)- A Scientific Approach, and 3) Tactical Approaches, the Various Rules and Laws of Fishing, and a brief Q&A to get to know each other to fully understand how to best help, and serve my clients.



 * No fishing license required for anyone 15 years or younger. No fishing license required for anyone when fishing from a public pier or some rock jetty locations. Or the full lesson can be done by demonstrations.  A fishing license is required for those over the age of 16  while Surf fishing, Back Bay fishing, and Boat fishing. Clients are required to have a valid fishing license from the Department Fish and Wildlife (DFW) which can be purchased online (below) or at various stores which sale Sporting Goods.  Also available at Sport Fishing Landings.  A ONE DAY License may be purchased for the date of the lesson.  Annual licenses are also available from the retailers.



Lisa B.

Long Beach, California

"I can't say enough about Michael. My son has autism and struggles to stay focused, but with Michael he didn't want his 4 hr lesson to end. Michael is knowledgeable, patient and clearly loves his job:
I highly recommend Michael."

Nico A.

Long Beach, California

"Cool instructor. Coming from someone who doesn't know anything about fishing, I learned a lot from just one lesson. He's very knowledgeable and he'll answer all sorts of questions you may have. I like how his lesson was very thorough from start to finish. From just one lesson, I learned how to obtain and prepare the bait on my own, setup up my own fishing rod, and learned how to catch fishes using various methods and techniques. You can tell he cares a lot about his students. I'm someone who learns from trial and error and he was very patient with me. I'm definitely looking to get more experience because fishing is a very useful skill to have and I know that I have one of the best instructors around. I think everyone should learn about fishing especially with all the things going on around the world right now (but hey, that's just my opinion)."

Cory A.

Compton, California

"I've been fishing since I was 10 and I thought I already had a lot of knowledge about fishing, but after my lesson with Michael, l knew I had a bunch more to learn. He covers everything from catching bait, reading currents, tying knots, rigging for specific species. Michael is very patient. I'll say catching a fish is almost guaranteed, but just being out there in the water and learning something new is all worth it for me."

"Michael was the best intro to fishing I could have ever imagined for our cub scout den!"

Julia W. South Pasadena, California

"Michael was the best intro to fishing I could have ever imagined for our cub scout den!  Most of the parents in our group know nothing about fishing and have no gear, so we opted to go w/ a professional.  After calling around a bunch of different places and programs, I was impressed by Michael's knowledge of fishing, his willingness to work out a time that suited the fish and our scouts, and his great attitude about making sure our scouts covered all the material required in their scoutting manual to earn their belt loop!  
He handled our group of 15 boys like a pro- keeping them interested with his "survivalist" approach to fishing.  The boys were still talking at school the week after about grabbing mussels, shrimp, and dipnetting for smelt to gather their own live bait in case of an apocalypse. :)
As parents, we were also impressed by his confident knowledge in all the local regulations.  He has his license, knew all the fish/game regs, and provided all the equipment.  The boys were wowed by the apps he showed us to explain why the tides, moon, etc all affect when/where to go fishing.  We had 1 fisherman dad in our group, who was constantly saying, "wow, I didn't know that. this guy is amazing!"  
The scouts and parents had a great time practicing casting w/ his weighted rods.  His spiked-rod setups were brilliant for our scouts who didn't have the patience to actually sit and fish.  He can be really proud of raising 2 polite, responsible boys who were a great role model for our young scouts.  His boys were helpful, informative, and kind, teaching the scouts different knots and always being on hand to help out when we got fishing line tangles.
In the end, we caught a spotted sand bass- and the boys were ecstatic!  We measured him, examined its body parts, took pics, and because he was too short, we threw him back in to grow some more.  It was a great experience for our scouts.  Our scouts can't wait to go back w/ him since he's promised us many more great spots to fish from in the area!  
Thank you Michael!"

Chris L.

Long Beach, California

"My buddy Ernesto his son and I had an awesome time learning to surf fish today. No matter your skill level you're going to walk away learning something you didn't know. Thanks brother for your time and patience."

Jeff Davila

Whittier, California

"I can attest to the fact that Michael is the real deal when it comes to fishing knowledge and teaching ability. I'd highly recommend him to help with anyone either just starting out or wanting to learn new techniques." 

Joe M.

Torrance, California

"I've been fishing all my life but got more serious about fishing in the last 4 years or so. I wanna say I have pretty good knowledge when it comes to fishing, but I was still able to learn something from spending a morning with Mike.  I've been hunting for years now for my first legal halibut. I didn't get there with Mike, but what I did get was a new personal best at 20". Mike also has great fishing knowledge. Going out with Mike you don't need to have your own equipment since Mike will provide that for you, and if you're interested, he gives you the option of purchasing the equipment in case you like one of his rods, reels, or specialized tackle kits he puts together. Like another yelper said, he covers everything from the rules & regulations, catching bait, reading the tides, tying knots, rigging, and does a very thorough job of explaining why he does what he does and also why they work. I consider myself a fishing geek/freak/addict/etc. and it's always nice to run into someone else just as passionate, if not more so, about fishing as I am. Not only was the lesson educational as an angler, but it was a hell of a lot of fun. Give this guy a call!"

El Eddie

Bellflower, California

"Had a great time fishing with Michael Aaron Reynolds. He had lots of info and tips to share. I've been out of the Fishing Game for some years and need a little refresher on the Hali's. No matter what you're skill level is Michael Aaron Reynolds can accommodate to your needs even if you're skills are good you could never learn enough. I highly recommend taking a trip with Mike the knowledge he passes on to you is worth more than the small fee he charges"

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Learn to catch your own Live Bait!

Learn how to catch: Ghost Shrimp, Sand Crabs, Mussels, Worms, Clams, Live Fin Bait. 

Learn which species of fish eat those types of baits.

Lesson #9 is a 2 hour, seasonal, live bait gathering lesson only. "A True Survival Course !" Clients will also receive a brand new rigged umbrella dip net which is used to catch many kinds of bait. (Lesson #8 is also taught in both of: Lesson #1 & Lesson #2)



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