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Saturday, Oct. 1, 2022, at 6 a.m., continuing through March 22, 2023. The Spiny Lobster Report Card costs $10.80


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2018 last big Bug.jpg
what used to be a Hoop Net.jpg
2019 Big Lobster 4# from Marker #3 @ Pie
Last Big Bug of 2018.jpg
Lobster Camo.jpg
Hoop Net Preps.jpg
KK Lobster FSH 2019.jpg
2017 Biggest .jpg


BITE IS ON !.jpg


Anatomy of a Lobster 
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Reasons to Hire Me as Your Lobster Guide:

  • Licensed, and Bonded, Fishing Guide by the Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) over 7 years

  • Over 18 years of experience with lobster hoop netting, and boating

  • Various proven productive Spots will be shown where to catch these huge lobsters.

  • Outside the Box Teachings, and New Techniques, will also be shared

  • Save yourself tons of time, and money


What is Included for the Trip:


  • 6 hour Lesson inside of the Long Beach Harbor

  • 10 Hoop Nets will be provided for use, or Bring your own if you wish

  • All bait is provided, and we will try to catch some fresh bait as well

  • 3 different ways to bait a trap shown, or explained

  • Full Confidence will be acquired for your future outings.


  1. Your boat is Coast Guard approved, and has been recently inspected

  2. Your boat is licensed, and registered, by the DMV with valid CF #

  3. Your boat is in 100% working order, and the owner is a member of Boat-US

  4. Your boat has a Sonar Unit, and GPS, for marking of Spots

  5. Your  boat has working Navigational Lights, and Deck Lights 

  6. All aboard must have valid fishing license

  7. All aboard must have a valid lobster report card  

  8. All aboard must have a DFW approved Lobster Gauge (a measuring tool), and optional weighing scale

Suggested Attire for the Outing: 

  • Rain Gear  Bibs/ Overall, Rain Coat, Wind Breaker

  • Gloves- 1st  Rubber under, and Work Grip Gloves Over

  • Rain Boots / Deck Boots

  • Beanie / Sock Hat

  • Water Proof yourself as much as possible. We get Wet pulling up traps from head to toe.

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