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Reasons To Hire Me As Your Halibut Guide:

  • Licensed, and Bonded, Fishing Guide by the Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) over 5 years

  • Over 20 years of experience catching Halibut, and Boating

  • Various proven productive Spots will be shown where to catch these huge "SLABs"

  • Outside of the Box Teachings, and New Techniques, will also be shared

  • Save yourself tons of time, and money



What is Included for the Trip:

  • 6 hour Lesson inside of the Long Beach Harbor

  • Rods and Reels will be provided for use, and Tackle Included

  • Filleting, and handling, methods if a Keeper is caught

  • A few different techniques will be shown how catch them

  • Full Confidence will be acquired for your future outings



  1. The boat is Coast Guard approved, and has been recently inspected

  2. The boat is licensed, and registered, by the DMV with valid CF #

  3. The boat is in 100% working order, and the owner is a member of BoatUS

  4. The Boat has a Sonar Unit, and GPS, for marking of Spots

  5. The Boat has working Navigational Lights, and Deck Lights 

  6. All aboard must have a valid fishing license

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